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Cleansing and Charging set of Rock Crystal & Hematite Chips in bottle with cork
Beautiful cleansing- and charging set of Rock Crystal chips (about 60 grams) and Hematite chips (about 120 grams) in glass bottles with cork. The safest way to uncharge / cleanse your stones and recharge with fine fresh energy.Read more
Rock Crystal Chips for charging gemstones
Beautiful Rock Crystal chips (150 gram) to safely charge your gemstones. Comes without the Abalone shell.Read more
Rock Crystal Chips - in bottle with cork
Beautiful Rock Crystal Chips in glass bottle with cork. Rock Crystal Chips are great for charging gemstones. Place the gemstones on a bed of Rock Crystal Chips for a few hours and experience a renewed and fresh energy.Read more
Gemstones, minerals and crystals are natural products and may contain occasional color differences or imperfections. Gemstones, minerals and crystals only work as support and are never a substitute for therapy. Therefore always consult your health care provider in case of complaints or health concerns.
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