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21 May 2022

The cleansing and charging of gemstones

In this Blog I will explain how to cleanse gemstones, minerals and crystals and how you can recharge them with new energy. There are many different methods but not every method is equally suitable for every stone as this really depends on the properties of the stone.

It is important to realize that gemstones, minerals and crystals are alive and every stone contains a certain frequency or vibration depending on their properties. In the earth, stones have grown over millions of years and received energy from mother earth. Once removed from earth, stones need to be cleaned and recharged regularly to maintain their energetic effect. 

Gemstones, minerals and crystals are extremely sensitive to energies. When stones are worn by a person there is always an interaction between the energy of the person and the stone. The stone absorbs the person's tension and returns beneficial energy. This is also applicable in rooms and spaces where the atmosphere and light greatly influence the energetic interaction with the stone. Therefore, in a seriously tense atmosphere, stones are more likely to lose their power sooner than in a harmonious and loving atmosphere. 

In general, small stones are more likely to be saturated quicker with energy than larger stones and therefore they need to be cared for more frequently to maintain or enhance their effect. 


Cleansing of stones

There are several methods for cleansing gemstones, minerals and crystals depending on the type of stone and how thorough a cleaning is needed. 



A quick way to discharge and clean a stone is to hold it under running lukewarm water for about five minutes. It is important that the water is not too hot as this can cause cracks and fissures in the stone. Putting the stone under running water is one of the fastest cleaning methods but in all honesty not suitable for a thorough cleaning. You are mainly removing static electricity from the stone using this method. 

A more thorough cleaning method is to put the stone in a bowl of water for about 24 hours. Use non-carbonated spring water for this and no tap water since tap water contains lime which particularly affects the softer types of stone causing the stone to lose its shine, among other things. During this cleaning process in water, bubbles may form which shows the stone is discharging. It is advisable to change the water several times during the discharge. Also, make sure that you only put one stone or one type of stone in the bowl of water at a time and not different kinds at the same time. 

Keep in mind that not all stones are suitable for cleaning with water. In general, you can say that stones with a hardness lower than 4 cannot withstand this method well and will damage, break or dissolve. 

Chrysocolla, Selenite, Calcite, Celestine, Prenite, Pyrite are stones that only need to be rinsed off. These stones are ferruginous or porous and should not stay in water for too long. 

Quartz varieties such as Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz, Lavender Quartz but also Amethyst, Jasper, Aquamarine and Fluorite are stones that can be placed in water. If in doubt, always choose another method. 

Never use salt water to clean the stones. The salt gets into the pores of the stone and affects the stone from the inside. 



One way of cleansing and discharging that always works is to place the stone overnight in an Abalone shell with small Hematite stones. Hematite is a ferrous stone that does not need to be discharged itself and has self-cleaning properties. This so called "dry method" is a very safe way of cleaning stones and suitable for all stones. 


Blow clean

A very simple and fast way to cleanse a gemstone is to hold it in your hand and blow it vigorously clean a few times. Using this method you can almost feel the energy of the stone change on the spot. This is a very effective way that can be used on all stones.


Using Sage, Incense and/or Palo Santo

Gemstones can also be cleansed with White Sage by burning it in an Abalone shell and pass the gemstones through the smoke. Burning sacred wood (Palo Santo) is another good method. Sandalwood insence is another strong cleansing method and very suitable for thorough cleaning.


Brown Rice

Cleansing gemstones with the help of Brown rice is quite common. You put the gemstones for about 24 hours in a dish with Brown rice and make sure the stone is completely covered. Since rice extracts moisture, you should take into account that some stones cannot handle this. Turquoise, for example, can crack if it is deprived of moisture. 


Amethyst and Selenite

Amethyst is a great stone to cleanse other gemstones with. The frequency of Amethyst neutralizes the negative energy of the "polluted" stone. It is important though that you take into account that the energy of the stone is aligned. In other words make sure that the stones fit together and do not interfere with each other on an energetic level. Leave the stone in a cluster of Amethyst or even better in an Amethyst geode for about twelve hours to fully discharge and re-charge the gemstone. It is beneficial for the Amethyst to make sure you clean and re-charge it afterwards. 

Selenite has strong cleansing properties and the soft energy of Selenite can be used to discharge and charge other gemstones perfectly.


Thorough cleansing

When a stone has absorbed severe stresses then it is a good idea to clean the stone thoroughly. To achieve maximum effect, first place the stone in clean spring water for three days. This means that the water should be changed daily. Please make sure you check if the type of stone can stand water for a longer period of time. If not, don't do it! 

Then you place the stone in the earth for three days. In a dish with potting soil is also possible, but make sure that there is no plant around, because the energy release of the stone is not beneficial for the plant. After three days, remove the stone from the earth and pass it a few times through a candle flame. In doing so, watch out for deposits on the stone.

With this method the stone is very thoroughly cleansed by using the elements water, earth and fire.


Charging stones

The method for charging stones also depends on the properties of the stone. Roughly speaking you can say that clear stones can be charged by the sun, transparent stones by the full moon and dense stones in the earth. But there is a bit more nuance to it. Let's take a look at that.



Most clear stones like crystals can be charged just fine in full sunlight. But stones that contain Mangam such as Amethyst can be discolored by sunlight. Turquoise can even crack in the sun due to dehydration. If you do want to charge these types of stones in the sun choose to cover them with a cloth or use the morning sun or the afternoon sun when it is not at full strength.

Stones that tolerate sunlight poorly include Amethyst, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Beryl, Celestine, Kunzite, Larimar, Malachite, Opal, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline and Turquoise.



Charging stones in moonlight works very well. Especially with the transparent stones. Charging at full moon has an effect even when the stones are behind glass.



A great way to charge stones is to place the stones in the earth. Please note that Calcite, Malachite and also Amber do not tolerate this method very well and may lose their polish. Charging by putting the stone in the earth is a very powerful method and very suitable for stones that have endured some hardships. The stone comes to rest in mother earth.


Abalone shell with small Rock Crystals

A safe way to charge stones is to place them overnight in an Abalone shell with small Rock Crystals. This works great for almost all stones and is especially suitable for jewelry with gemstones because clasps, settings and other parts do not suffer from this method.


Meru Pyramid

Another nice method to cleanse and recharge gemstones, minerals and crystals is to use a so called Meru pyramid. The pyramid should be properly aligned with one side facing north-south. The Meru pyramid combines two ancient energetic tools, namely the pyramid itself and the Shri Yantra symbol.

These two energetic tools have been used for centuries to raise vibrations and consciousness and combining the two creates a powerful double generator effect. The Yantra radiates positive vibrations upward and flows together with the pyramid. Gemstones can be discharged and charged by placing them in the pyramid for about 8 hours. Placing the stones in the pyramid longer and more often gives even better results.

Some stones such as Citrine, Cyanite and Selenite cleanse themselves and therefore do not need to be cleansed.


Duration of use

When gemstones, minerals and crystals are taken care of properly, they generally last long. It is important that you continue to pay attention to the appearance of the stone and look for things like color changes or cracks in the interior of the stone. These are often signs that the stone is exhausted and in need of replacement. This also applies to minerals or crystals that have been placed in rooms. 

Please make sure to take good care of stones. Be open to the energy of and enjoy the experience of its powerful energy. Remember that gemstones, minerals and crystals are living things and these wonders of nature deserve nothing more than respect. When a stone has worked out and served you please don't throw them away in the trash but show respect to the stone, thank the stone and put it back into the earth where it once came from.


Martijn Antonius




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