Crown Chakra - Seventh Chakra of Sahasrara Chakra

Meaning: spiritual growth The Crown Chakra is the connection to cosmic consciousness, or the universe. The Crown Chakra connects our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of consciousness within us into one.

Meaning: spiritual growth

The seventh main chakra is the Crown Chakra. This chakra is the connection to Cosmic Consciousness, or the Universe. The Crown Chakra connects our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels within us into one. These are the four levels of consciousness (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). When this chakra is properly opened, you experience that everything is one and that there is more than the physical world and that what you can see. You generally feel relaxed and in harmony with what is, you have a positive outlook on life. You feel grateful and in acceptance with what life brings you. You can deal with life's difficulties and challenges in a mature way and you know that even if you can't see it, you are always supported and that you are never alone. You are always surrounded by love.

When your Crown Chakra develops and opens, it can sometimes seem like a midlife crisis. People are awakened and suddenly feel more connected to the spiritual and to others. They also feel more often connected to the world around them. Big, important life questions come up and we start looking for answers.

Where is your Crown Chakra located?

Your Crown Chakra is located at the top of your head, at your crown. If you put your thumbs in your ears and then bring the index fingers together just above your head, that is where the Crown Chakra is located. Unlike the other chakras, this chakra is located both inside and outside of our body.

What does your Crown Chakra stand for?

This chakra represents connection to the greater whole, cosmic consciousness. Being completely balanced is what you want most. In this ideal situation, you experience oneness with yourself and your environment. You no longer have (pre)judgments and no expectations; you fully accept 'that which is'. You live in harmony with the universe.

Balanced Crown Chakra

Someone with this chakra in balance feels connected on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual will feel as one. You can enjoy the "earthly" things, but you also know that there is so much more (more important). To allow this chakra to fully open, you have to (dare to) let go of a lot. But also take good care of and open all the other chakras. This way you are well grounded.
Opening the Crown Chakra allows you to receive various insights from deeper dimensions. You can also accept life as it is and it helps you to understand your loved ones more and more. Ultimately, it's going to help you trust yourself and the universe.

You are connected to the universal energy, you feel calm, have trust, and know that everything is part of the greater whole. You feel complete and connected to your higher self. This connection helps you feel connected to everything and everyone around you, so you no longer feel separation from the rest of the world and the universe. You feel an inner peace and it is not easily disturbed. Many emotions or situations may come along, but you remain equanimous within everything. You know there is more than you see and feel, and can feel the power within. You accept life as it is and know that you are where you need to be. You can also tune in well to the "flow" of life.

Crown Chakra out of balance

If your Crown Chakra is out of balance, you cannot connect with the cosmic energy. This can make you feel listless and lack energy and trust in the bigger picture. It can feel like we want to run away from ourselves. We ignore what we know deep inside, and we don't listen to our inner voice. For example, this can cause us to keep meeting with certain people over and over again, when it's not working for us. We also may not take good care of our bodies, choosing unhealthy foods. We may also block and ignore everything related to spirituality. This can manifest itself in psychological symptoms. You may suffer from anxiety, hysteria, delusions, fear of losing someone, and you may experience symptoms with the central nervous system or brain.

Connected to the physical body

The Crown Chakra is physically connected to your forehead, eyes, ears and frontal cavities. If your Crown Chakra is unbalanced you may experience headaches or mild dizziness, for example.

Color of the Crown Chakra

Your Crown Chakra has the color violet. This color represents transforming and opening to other dimensions. It is the center of trust, devotion, inspiration and positivity. From this chakra we establish a deep connection with ourselves and a greater universal energy.

Corresponding Zodiac Signs

Fitting stones

Each gemstone has its own vibrational frequency. Just as words, feelings, thoughts and emotions (and really everything inside us and outside us) have their own energy and their own vibrational frequency, so do our chakras. The energy of these gemstones resonate with the energy of your Crown Chakra, and therefore help you open this chakra, for example by meditating with it and connecting (in your mind) with the energy of the stone.