Moonstone has a strong connection with the moon and female energy. Has a strong detoxifying effect and stimulates pregnancy. Has a strong calming effect and stimulates intuition.


Moonstone is a beautiful gemstone with a mysterious aura. The gemstone can have several beautiful colors, such as grey, white, as well as orange and brown. The gemstone has a strong connection with the moon and female energy. Moonstone has a strond detoxifying effect and enhances pregnancy.  Moonstone, like many other gemstones, is often incorporated into gemstone jewelry

What powers does Moonstone have?

Moonstone has a calming effect that provides clarity of mind and helps with highly fluctuating moods. The gemstone stimulates intuition and enhances paranormal abilities. The stone can also help you remember your dreams. 

Moonstone can also provide several benefits on a physical level. Moonstone stimulates metabolism and provides a nice hormonal balance. Moonstone supports women who would like to become pregnant and stimulates fertility. Moonstone can also help during the menstrual cycle. Moonstone is also a stone that helps with complaints of insomnia. The detoxifying effect of the gemstone improves the water balance. 


Moonstone gemstones and jewelry

At Kristalmeester, you can buy Moonstone in various shapes and sizes. To always enjoy the benefits of the gemstone, you can choose to carry the stone with you in the form of jewelry. The Moonstone Brown Ball Bracelet or Moonstone Mix Ball Bracelet are perfect for this. Would you rather lay them out somewhere or use them as decorations in your home? Of course you can do that too, in which case we have different types of tumblestones. The Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stones are a great choice.  


Properties of Moonstone


Grey, white, Orange and Brown


Third Eye Chakra, Sacral Chakra

Zodiac Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Libra


6 - 6,5


United States, India, Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, 

How to take care?

Moonstone is a very soft stone. Try to avoid water and bright sunlight. More information on gemstone care can be read in my blog cleansing and charging of gemstones