Jasper is a versatile and grounding gemstone and comes in many different colors. Jasper brings stability and provides emotional peace. Fine stone to support you through transformations.


Jasper is one of the most versatile and grounding gemstones that has been appreciated for its beauty and energetic properties for centuries. It belongs to the quartz group and comes in many different colors. Jasper is usually a colorful stone, where the lines are never evenly drawn.

Meaning and effects of Jasper

Jasper is known for its grounding and protective properties. This gemstone is often associated with courage, vitality and strength, and it stimulates physical energy and perseverance. In general, Jasper is considered a stone of stability and balance, helping to center the mind and promote emotional calm. Jasper is often loved by those seeking stability during periods of change and transformation. It is often used in meditation and healing, where it is seen as a stone that helps strengthen connections with the earth and promote a sense of well-being. Wearing this gemstone as gemstone jewelry or carrying it with you as a pocket stone is seen as a way to harness its positive energies and cultivate a sense of inner strength and balance.


Variations of Jasper

Discover the versatility of this gemstone. Our collection includes beautiful Jasper bracelets, with carefully selected beads. For a more subtle touch, we offer elegant Jasper earrings and Jasper necklaces, which allow you to always carry the power of this gemstone close to you, both in style and energy.

In addition, we offer unique creations such as angels and Jasper hearts that symbolize love and protection. Also discover our pendants and Jasper donuts, perfect for wearing as eye-catching jewelry with deeper meaning. And for relaxing self-care, try our massage roller to release negative energy and embrace positive vibes.


Most common types

Jasper is a versatile gemstone that comes in several varieties, each with its own unique properties and radiance. Each variety offers a range of energetic benefits, so there is a suitable variety for everyone. The most common varieties are:

  • Red Jasper: available in different shades of red, depending on where the stone comes from. Sometimes the stone has streaks of quartz, which give the stone a special energy;
  • Blue Jasper: usually an even blue color with streaks. Sometimes traces of manganese are also present;
  • Colored Jasper: these are different colors of this gemstone together. The different colors result from embedded iron, manganese and calcium;
  • Yellow Jasper: has a yellow to ochre yellow color and sometimes with a pattern. The yellow color results from a compound with a combination of iron and manganese;
  • Green Jasper: uniformly green in color or with different patterns. The green color results from embedded chlorite and iron compounds.


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Properties Jasper

Zodiac Signs

Aries, Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio


6,5 - 7


Australia, Brazil, Germany, Egypt, France, India, Madagascar, Russia, South Africa

How to take care?

Jasper stones can be cleaned and recharged in all ways. More information on gemstone care can be read in my blog "cleansing and charging of gemstones".