Thunder Egg

Thunder Egg is often called Star Agate or Amulet Stone and is a knobbly stone often used as a personal power stone. Has a wonderful calming and purifying effect.

Information and properties

Thunder Egg or Thunderegg is also called Star Agate or Amulet Stone. Thunder Egg is a nodular rock formed within layers of Rhyolitic volcanic ash. The inside of Thunder Egg often consists of Chalcedony with deposits of Agate, Jasper, Opal or a mix of these. 

On the outside, Thunder Eggs usually don't look very special but by cutting them in half and polishing them, intricate patterns and colors can become visible. 

Thunder Egg has a purifying effect and regulates the production of hormones. It is a fine stone that increases the immunity and has a positive influence on strengthening the skin. Thunder Egg has a healing effect on stomach illnesses and migraines. Has a positive effect on the liver and spinal cord. 
Emotionally, Thunder Egg has a calming effect and this beautiful stone provides inner balance and harmony. 
Thunder Egg is also called an Amulet Stone and can serve as a personal power stone. 
Earth colors with lighter lines
Root Chakra
Zodiac Signs
Hardness: 6.5 - 7.5
Density: 2.6
Composition: varies per Thunder Egg
Structure: Varies per Thunder Egg
Oregon (USA), Germany, Ethiopia, Poland, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina, Canada
How to take care?
Thunder Eggs can be cleaned and charged in many different ways. You can find more information about caring for gemstones in my blog cleaning and charging of gemstones
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