Welcome to Kristalmeester!

On Kristalmeester's® website, stones are described in the way I experience them and the knowledge I have gained about them over the years.

Who am I

I am Martijn Antonius and have had a special connection with gemstones all my life. Several years ago I started Kristalmeester® to live my enormous passion for gemstones, minerals and crystals even more and to share my knowledge of stones, acquired through experience, literature study and training, with the rest of the world.

Every stone is unique

Each stone has its unique birthplace, unique properties, vibration and energy. When you open up for the energy of gemstones you can experience a wonderful interaction between your energy and the energy of the gemstone. During this interaction you can truly feel how you are really doing. It's like a mirror is being held up to you and shows you all your beautiful and less beautiful sides. From vulnerability and really daring to truly feel you can absorb the wisdom of the stone. 

My mission!

My mission with Kristalmeester® is that by experiencing the beauty and energy of stones you increase you consciousness so that you learn to see and accept who you really are.

My wish is that you realize how beautiful and complete you actually already are and that you grow as an individual from this insight and contribute to a more beautiful world. 

What are we doing?

On the Kristalmeester® website I describe gemstones in the way I experience them and the knowledge I have gained about them over the years.

It is important to know that gemstones, minerals and crystals are never a replacement for professional care, always just a supplement.

Therefore, do not see the descriptions on Kristalmeester's® website as a medical prescription, but always consult your family physician or another health-care professional when you need medical or psychological care.

Quality mark

Kristalmeester® is a proud member of the Fair Trade Minerals & Gems (FTMG) organization. This wonderful non-profit organization promotes fair trade in the trade of minerals and gemstones. FTMG is committed to the environment, nature and the people who work in and around the gemstone mines. Kristalmeester® believes it is very important that people receive a fair price for mining gems and that nature is not harmed and compensated.