Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a very powerful and fine grounding stone. Works strongly purifying and detoxifying and has a beneficial effect on fever. Has a supportive effect on the digestive organs and the hormonal system.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper, a powerful gemstone, is known for its grounding properties and healing effects on the human body. These gemstones possess purifying and detoxifying powers, providing support to our bodies by harmonizing the nervous system and stimulating the immune system. On a spiritual level, this gemstone helps to cleanse and stabilize the aura. It facilitates out-of-body experiences so you can easily travel to other dimensions. Red Jasper also helps to remember dreams if you place the stone under the pillow while sleeping. Discover the beneficial effects of this special gemstone and experience a new level of balance and vitality.

Effect and meaning of Red Jasper

Red Jasper, a gemstone that provides relief from various complaints such as fever, constipation and tinnitus. However, it can also help with complaints such as headaches, epilepsy and heart disease. This versatile gemstone promotes energy flow and breaks through any blockages in the lower Chakras, which helps restore energetic balance in the body.

In addition, Red Jasper is known for its ability to empower individuals. It encourages perseverance, increases the ability to stand up for yourself and reduces fears of conflict. Because of these qualities, the stone helps to achieve inner harmony and a positive attitude toward life. This gemstone encourages you to believe in yourself and walk your life path with determination, supporting you in achieving your goals and ambitions.


Different forms of this special gemstone

At Kristalmeester, you will find an extensive assortment of Red Jasper gemstones in a variety of beautiful shapes. Whether you are looking for rough stones to use in your meditations and rituals, angels that symbolize protection and love or a massage roller for a relaxing energetic massage, we have it all. Our selection also includes Red Jasper donuts and heart shapes to nurture loving energy. Discover the multi-faceted beauty and healing power of this gemstone in the form that suits you best.

Beautiful gemstone jewelry for style and well-being

At Kristalmeester, we not only offer Red Jasper gemstones in various forms, but also beautiful gemstone jewelry that embraces this unique stone. Explore our collection of Red Jasper bracelets that not only decorate your wrist but also carry the healing properties of the stone with you. For a stylish and energetic addition to your outfit, there are necklaces with Red Jasper pendants that add a touch of natural beauty. Finally, we also offer Red Jasper earrings for a subtle and elegant look, keeping the stone's energy close to your ears. Whether you are looking for a striking statement or a subtle accent, our jewelry is a perfect choice to support you in style and well-being.

Ordering Red Jasper at Kristalmeester

Order your favorite gemstones from Kristalmeester today and let the power of this special stone shine into your life. Our ordering process is simple and user-friendly, making your selection effortless. Do you have any questions or want more information about our products? Please contactus. We are ready to help and guide you in choosing the perfect Red Jasper gemstones to suit your needs and desires!

Properties Red Jasper

Suitable for children

Occurs in various shades of red.

Root chakra, Sacral chakra

Zodiac Signs
Aries, Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio

6,5 - 7

Australia, Brazil, Germany, Egypt, France, India, Madagascar, Russia, South Africa

How to take care?
Red Jasper can be cleaned and charged in many different ways. You can find more information about caring for gemstones in my blog cleaning and charging of gemstones