Gemstone Jewelry

Discover the large collection of gemstone jewelry such as pendants, bracelets, donuts, necklaces and more...

Gemstone jewelry

With us you will discover a rich collection of gemstone jewelry. Each piece has its own energy of the gemstones. Our assortment includes a wide range of sparkling items, with special meanings and powers. From vibrant colors to understated looks. Because there are so many different gemstones incorporated into the jewelry, there is a suitable piece for every person wearing it.

Gemstone pendants in various shapes and styles

Discover stunning gemstone pendants that embrace the versatility and magnificence of our gemstone jewelry. The pendants radiate natural beauty. Our collection includes gemstone pendants with silver loop that combine subtlety with elegance, perfect for wearing with a variety of necklaces. Drilled pendants offer a more direct way to experience the power of gemstones, while ball pendants present a sleek, contemporary look. The spiral pendants radiate a symbolism of continuity and connection, while the 40-mm donut pendants, 25-mm donut pendants and 30-mm donut pendants offer a timeless form that puts the energy of the gemstone at the center. Each of these pendants invites you to wear the different powers of gemstones in various shapes and styles.

Subtle and powerful gemstone earrings

Our collection of gemstone earrings is available in different sizes and with different stones. The subtle 6 mm gemstone earrings radiate elegance and are perfect for an understated look. For a more outspoken look, the 8 mm gemstone earrings are a suitable choice. These earrings are just stand out a bit more. We also have various gemstone earrings that have their own meaning and radiate energy. You can find a beautiful pair for every occasion.

Assortment of gemstone necklaces

The gemstone necklaces feature a lot of natural beauty. The faceted necklaces have cut stones. With this, they provide a unique and very special look. Perfect to complete any outfit. The ball necklaces offer a different look. They subtly carry the energy of the gemstones. There are also the playful chip necklaces, where gemstones are divided into small pieces, giving a playful and natural effect to these beautiful necklaces.

Gemstone bracelets for adults and children

Gemstone bracelets range from sophisticated to playful. This makes them one of the most well-known gemstone jewelry pieces. With their smooth stones, the faceted bracelets provide an elegant look. Ideal for a sophisticated touch to your outfit. The ball bracelets offer a contemporary style and carry the energetic power of the stones. For a more natural and playful look, there are the nugget bracelets, where the gemstones sparkle in their natural form. We also have a nice selection of bracelets for children. The children's bracelets are specially selected with care and smaller gemstones for the younger generation.

Chakra jewelry for more balance and harmony

Discover our enchanting collection of Chakra jewelry, each closely associated with the specific energies of the different Chakras. Each piece of jewelry has been carefully selected to embody the characteristics and powers of a specific Chakra. The variety of colors and gemstones in our Chakra Jewelry offers a profound connection to these energy centers, creating balance and harmony within the body's subtle energy system.

Our exclusive gemstone jewelry

Our exclusive jewelry embraces craftsmanship and rarity. Each piece is unique and carefully crafted with high quality materials and extraordinary gemstones. This exclusive collection includes rare designs that embody unparalleled beauty and class, giving you a distinctive look on any occasion.

Accessories for gemstone jewelry

At Kristalmeester, we also have an assortment of accessories for gemstone jewelry. For example, the leather laces for a certain charm and cage holders and spirals to complete the jewelry. Spirals offer an artistic and contemporary way to present gemstones. These accessories not only add a touch of style to your jewelry, but also offer versatile ways to wear and accentuate your favorite gemstones.

Gemstone jewelry at Kristalmeester

At Kristalmeester, you'll find a wide selection of gemstone jewelry. For questions or advice about our products, we are here to help. Feel free to contact us for more information and find your perfect gemstone jewelry today!