Amazonite is a true protection stone and a very nice stone for highly sensitive people. Amazonite brings your mind and feelings back together in harmony.
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Information and properties

Amazonite is a feldspar and owes its green color to the lead that is present in the stone. This beautiful stones has been used since the early Stone Age and is found among archaeological treasures in several countries. 

Amazonite is a true protective stone and protects especially against elektromagnetic radiation from devices such as cell phones and computer screens. Amazonite has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and reduces complaints of headaches and migraines. This special stone has a relieving effect on arthritis and rheumatic complaints. Amazonite als has a beneficial effect on the metabolism and balances the pituitary gland and the thymus. Skin complaints such as acne, pimples and itching decrease when wearing this stone. Amazonite also helps with heart problems caused by mourning and grief. 

Amazonite can be very supportive for people with high sensitivity due to its protective nature. Mood swings can be reduced and neutralized. This stone allows you to better deal with gloomy thoughts and worries. Amazonite is a stone that incites to take steps to deal with your problems and stimulates to stand up for yourself. Amazonite helps you to stop seeing yourself as a victim. 

On a spiritual level, Amazonite opens up and frees the Heart Chakra, bringing reason and feelings together in harmony. Amazonite makes you aware of your potential growth and by opening your Third Eye Chakra your intuition is strengthened. You will find that Amazonite makes you more assertive and that you may dare to say "no" more often. 

Suitable for children


Green / Green blue (sometimes slightly transparent)


Heart ChakraThroat Chakra

Zodiac Signs

AquariusVigroPisces and Libra


6 - 6,5


United States, Russia

How to take care?

The best way to use Amazonite is by wearing the stone or by laying it on the body. Amazonite is generally less tolerant of water. More information on caring for gemstones can be read in my blog cleaning and charging of gemstones

Gemstones, minerals and crystals are natural products and may contain occasional color differences or imperfections. Gemstones, minerals and crystals only work as support and are never a substitute for therapy. Therefore always consult your health care provider in case of complaints or health concerns. 

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