Labradorite is the perfect protective stone for highly sensitive people. Armors the aura so that stimuli from outside come in less harshly. Labradorite calms and heals and protects anything that is threatened.


Labradorite is a protective stone that is perfect for highly sensitive people. The stone is often found in a mix of different colors, each with its own meaning and power. Labradorite is often gray with usually a blue-yellow sheen. This can also be in combination with orange, purple or green. Labradorite can be found in Canada, Finland, Greenland and Madagascar. Labradorite is also often used in jewelry, as are many other gemstones.

What does labradorite do for me?

Labradorite is a versatile stone that calms and provides concentration. The stone supports sleep problems and helps against snoring when worn at night. Labradorite also has a beneficial effect on digestion and can help with high blood pressure. The stone has a positive effect on hormone balance and can therefore help with menstrual or fertility problems.

Labradorite has spiritual significance and teaches you to stand up for yourself. Labradorite is a perfect stone for meditation and helps to connect with higher energies. Labradorite heals and protects the aura from outside influences: the stone creates a force field around the aura that ensures that outside stimuli enter you less intensively. Therefore, this gemstone is very suitable for highly sensitive people.


Buying Labradorite?

You can find Labradorite at Kristalmeester in different sizes. For example, you can lay them down on your desk, or maybe you prefer to carry them with you at all times. Labradorite tumbled stones or Labradorite amulet stones from Madagascar are suitable for this purpose. You can easily order gemstones, crystals and minerals online at Kristalmeester. Kristalmeester buys very carefully and only purchases from well-known dealers and from the source itself. Kristalmeester is also Webwinkelkeur Certified. For questions you can always contact us.

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Properties of Labradorite


Gray with usually a yellow and blue sheen. It can also shine (in combination) orange, red or green.


Solar Plexus ChakraHeart ChakraThroat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra

Zodiac Signs

LeoScorpio and Sagittarius


Hardness: 7

Density: 2,69 - 2,72

Composition: NaCa[AlSi3O8 / AlSi2O8] + Ba, Fe, K, Mn, P, Sr, Ti + (Cu, Ga, Nb, Ni, Pb, Zn, Zr)


Canada, Finland, Greenland, Madagascar


Labradorite can be cleansed and charged in many different ways. More information about the cleansing and charging of gemstones can be found in our blog the cleansing and charging of gemstones.

Suitable for children.