Apophyllite is a powerful conductor of energies. Frees mental blocks and stuck emotions and breaks negative thinking patterns. Apophyllite brings peace and makes you mild in your judgement towards yourself and others. Perfect meditation stone.
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Information and properties

Apophyllite is a stone that belongs to the Zeolite family. Apophyllite is an aqueous stone and this makes Apophyllite a powerful conductor of energies. Apophyllite releases mental blockages and stuck emotions and breaks through negative thinking patterns. Apophyllite is a calming stone, makes insecurities disappear and makes you mild in your judgement towards yourself and your world around you. It is a stone that brings universal love into your thinking and lets you better tune in to the safety and unconditional love of the universe. 
Apophyllite is a very spiritual stone and is a perfect meditation stone. Apophyllite helps to better tune into spiritual insights and knowledge that the guides want to share with you. It is a stone that gently helps you to face your truth. 
On a physical level, Apophyllite is supportive of asthma and other respiratory disorders. During an asthma attack, it is best to put Apophyllite on your chest for a while. Apophyllite further stimulates the repair of mucous membranes, neutralizes allergies and supports the healing of the skin and nervous system.
Green Apophyllite has the additional benefit of activating your Heart Chakra and helping you to make decisions truly from the heart. 



Blue-ish green, yellow-ish, white, clear


Resonates with all Chakras but mainly with the Crown Chakra and Heart Chakra

Zodiac Signs

Gemini, Libra


4.5 - 5




India, United States, Mexico, England, Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic and Italy

How to take care?

Apophyllite does not require any care. You can find more information about caring for gemstones in my blog cleaning and charging of gemstones

Gemstones, minerals and crystals are natural products and may contain occasional color differences or imperfections. Gemstones, minerals and crystals only work as support and are never a substitute for therapy. Therefore always consult your health care provider in case of complaints or health concerns.
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