Jade is a purifying stone that removes toxins from the body. Jade has a fine gentle energy and opens the Heart Chakra. Promotes (self-)love, creativity and attracts prosperity.


Jade is a stone with a fine gentle energy. It is a very popular stone, especially in Asia and China. The stone has a beautiful greenish yellow color, which can vary from white, light yellow to dark green. Jade is a suitable stone to use in gemstone jewelry. The beautiful color is not the only reason Jade is a well-loved stone. Jade has a special meaning and attracts prosperity and good fortune.


Jade: meanings and effects

Jade is a purifying stone that removes toxins from the body. Jade is good for the kidneys, digestion and stomach. Jade also helps with complaints such as heartburn and bedwetting. Furthermore, Jade can help with high blood pressure. On a spiritual level, Jade can stimulate your creativity. The stone helps you come up with ideas and make them happen. Jade is a stone that can make your desires and dreams come true, by bringing to life the inner hidden knowledge within you. Jade promotes self-love, nurturing and tolerance toward yourself and others.


Buying Jade?

Are you planning to purchase Jade? Then you have come to the right place at Kristalmeester. Jade is available from us in different forms. For example, go for the Jade tumbled stones or the popular Jade massage roller. With this massage roller for the face you stimulate blood circulation and the removal of waste products.

Gemstones are natural products and therefore may have color variations and imperfections. They work only to support and are not a substitute for therapy. In case of complaints, we recommend contacting your doctor. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact Kristalmeester.


Properties of Jade


White, light yellow to dark green and brownish.


Solar Plexus ChakraHeart Chakra


Hardness: 6,5 - 7

Density: 3,3 - 3,5

Composition: NaAl (Si2O6)

Zodiac Signs



China, Burma, Russia, Canada, Australia and New Zealand


Jade kan op verschillende manieren worden verzorgd. More information about the care of gemstones can be read in our blog the cleansing and charging of gemstones