Discover here the beautiful and extensive collection of our gemstone products

Gemstone products

At Kristalmeester, you will find an extensive collection of beautiful gemstones that can help you feel how you are really doing. Discover the magic of many different gemstones in many different forms and, in all your vulnerability, absorb the wisdom of the stones. 

Gemstone products are the perfect way to incorporate the energy and the beauty of gemstones into your everyday life. Whether you are looking for a calming stone to reduce stress, or an attractive decorative piece for your home, there is always something that suits you.


Gemstones in different shapes and forms

At Kristalmeester you will find an extensive collection of gemstones and crystals in different types and all kinds of shapes and sizes.
Kristalmeester stands for quality and we only sell natural products with the best possible quality. If stones are modified we clearly state this with the products.


Stones to carry with you

Among other things, you will find tumbled stones with us. With tumbled stones you get the natural beauty of gemstones in the palm of your hand. These smooth and polished stones have beautiful color and texture. Use them for meditation and carry them with you at all times. At Kristalmeester you will also find pocket stones, which you can also take with you everywhere. The polished stones fit comfortably in your bag and constantly give off a nice energy. 

Decorative gemstones

Are you looking for fine gemstone products for your home? At Kristalmeester you will also find gemstone candles, which are candles that incorporate gemstones. All candles are hand-poured from biodegradable soy wax, so an environmentally conscious choice. In addition, all candles incorporate gemstones, so when you burn the candles you get the energy in your home. We also have the most beautiful gemstone tea light holders. So you make it cozy in your home. A beautiful gift to give. 

Stones that complement each other

Kristalmeester regularly puts together sets of gemstones and crystals that complement and enhance each other. The gemstone sets are put together in such a way that the gemstones complement each other beautifully. Another strong combination are the gemstone hearts, which are gemstones in the shape of hearts. The heart shape of the gemstones enhance the power of the stone. 


Easily order your favorite stones online

Discover the power of different types of gemstones, incorporated into all kind of products. Give yourself or a loved one a special gift that is not only beautiful to look at, but also has a positive influence. Not sure what to give someone as a gift? You can also go to Kristalmeester for gift cards, so that your loved one can choose the most beautiful products that suit him or her.