Sapphire provides mental peace and makes the mind clear and sharp. Sapphire attracts prosperity and success and helps you to express yourself better.
Sapphire Faceted Bracelet - 3-4 mm
Beautiful faceted Sapphire bracelet. Sapphire is a stone that provides mental peace and makes the mind clear and sharp. Sapphire has a positive effect on mental problems and makes stress disappear. Attracts prosperity and success.Read more


Sapphire can have a variety of colors, but blue is the most popular color. The Sapphire's color is determined by traces of different metals in the crystal. The beautiful blue sapphire, like many other gemstones, is often incorporated into gemstone jewelry. Sapphire is a calming gemstone that provides mental peace. This stone is found in places such as Thailand, India and Sri Lanka.


What meaning and properties does Sapphire have?

Sapphire makes the mind clear and sharp. The gemstone calms and makes you think critically and honestly. Sapphire is known to attract prosperity and success. Sapphire also has a positive effect on many psychological complaints, such as obsessive-compulsive thoughts, anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. Sapphire works on the Throat Chakra. This makes it easier to express yourself and get out of your words. Sapphire balances the Chakras and removes negative energy.

On a physical level, Sapphire balances the hormone balance. In addition, Sapphire has a stress relieving effect. Sapphire can also help with fatigue and can help reduce all kinds of pain, including headaches. This gemstone also helps with insomnia. Sapphire can support Parkinson's disease and gives more air to people who experience asthmatic symptoms.


Buy Sapphire at Kristalmeester

At Kristalmeester you will find Sapphire in different types of jewelry. Always carry Sapphire with you with the Sapphire Faceted Bracelet and the Sapphire Faceted Necklace. This way, you will notice the positive effects of this beautiful gemstone throughout the day. Also, Sapphire in the form of jewelry is a wonderful gift to give to someone. Kristalmeester is Webwinkelkeur certified, so you can order gemstones, minerals and crystals from us without any worries.


Properties of Sapphire


Blue, Yellow, Orange and Pink


Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Heart Chakra

Zodiac Signs

Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius




Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, China, Madagascar, Myanmar, Australia

How to take care?

Sapphire can be cleaned in many different ways. More information on gemstone care can be read in my blog cleaning and charging of gemstones.

Gemstones, minerals and crystals are natural products and may contain occasional color differences or imperfections. Gemstones, minerals and crystals only work as support and are never a substitute for therapy. Therefore always consult your health care provider in case of complaints or health concerns.
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