Sacral Chakra - Second Chakra or Swadhisthana Chakra

Meaning: to be in flow The Sacral Chakra represents movement, change and creation.

Meaning: to be in flow

The second chakra is your Sacral Chakra and this energy center represents movement and creative energy. This chakra is the center of pleasure, enjoyment and passion. It connects you to your emotions, your sensuality/sexuality and the way you connect to others. When your energy flows well in your second chakra, you feel creative, free and confident. You dare to feel, express your emotions and enjoy yourself. The Sacral Chakra has water as its element and the color orange. Water is an element that liquefies everything and makes it flow (or move).

Where is your sacral chakra located?

The second chakra is located just below your navel right between your hips (at the level of the sacrum).

Sacral Chakra in Balance

When your Sacral Chakra is balanced you are full of life force, passion and creativity. Emotionally and creatively you feel balanced no matter what the circumstances are. This chakra is driven by passion and gives a love of life that comes from within you, without being dependent on certain positive or negative experiences.
When the energy is flowing well, you can also let your emotions flow. You are able to experience all emotions fully, without reservation, because it is not dependent on the experience. You feel free. You can experience life fully, have intense peak moments and enjoy it well. You can also fully allow pain and torment, because this is simply part of life. You perceive your emotions, let them flow through you and remain curious and adventurous in the process. You don't chase pleasure or avoid pain. You accept life and others as they are.
You have a deep and conscious acceptance of your natural needs and desires and you do not suppress them (from, for example, guilt or shame) or give them too much attention. You are comfortable in your skin, which basically means that your energy is comfortable in your body.

Sacral Chakra Out of Balance

When the energy in the Sacral Chakra is not flowing properly, you may be emotionally or sexually insecure. You may also have feelings of guilt and shame rising up. An energy deficiency in your Sacral Chakra can cause a complete lack of movement, such as a low libido, being closed off from your emotions, and not being able to truly connect with others. You deny yourself pleasure and have trouble trusting yourself and others. You have emotional outbursts because you are hiding emotions away (ignoring them) or closing yourself off to them. You have the feeling that your emotions rule you, instead of the other way around. In the area of sexuality many extremes occur, such as an excessive need for sex or a total lack of it.

Connected to the physical body

Physically, blockages in the second chakra can manifest as problems with the genitals, pelvic area, kidneys, circulatory and water balance. Diseases related to this chakra are addictions, problems with the spleen or urinary tract, and problems with the reproductive organs. In women, this can cause problems with the ovaries, uterus, or menstrual problems.

Sacral Chakra Color

Your Sacral Chakra has the color orange, a light and happy color. This color helps you to open, so that all feelings can be felt and expressed. The color reassures you and makes you able and willing to share with others. The color helps with creating connection with others and it helps to reduce melancholy. Also, the color represents curiosity.

Corresponding Zodiac Signs


Fitting stones

Each gemstone has its own vibrational frequency. Just as words, feelings, thoughts and emotions (and basically everything inside us and outside us) have their own energy and their own vibrational frequency, so do our chakras. The energy of these gemstones correspond to the energy of the sacral chakra. This is why the stones help you to open this chakra, for example by meditating with it and connecting (in your mind) with the energy of the stone.