Fluorite is often a colorful protective and emotionally stabilizing stone. Touches on many different physical complaints. Fluorite is a fine stone to meditate with. Stimulates you to make your own choices in life.


Fluorite is a beautiful and intriguing gemstone known for its brilliant colors and spiritual significance. Often found in various colors such as green, purple, blue and yellow, this versatile mineral has attracted the attention of gemstone enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike over the centuries. Considered a stone of clarity and focus, Fluorite is known to absorb negative energy and promote a sense of calm and balance. At Kristalmeester, you can discover this beautiful gemstone and other cleansing products. Bring more balance and energy into your life!

Effects of Fluorite

Fluorite is a protective and emotionally stabilizing stone and has a positive effect on joint problems and rheumatism. It is a stone that is good for bones and teeth. In addition, this gemstone also relieves nerve pain and has a beneficial effect on skin problems. Fluorite is a stone that gently brings you to your core and brings out the best in you both physically and mentally. This stone encourages you to make your own choices in life and helps to let go of limiting behavior patterns. Fluorite is generally a very fine meditation stone and supports astral travel.

The influence of the colors 

Fluorite comes in several colors: each color has a different influence on the stone's effect.

  • White: it gives energy and has a positive influence on the immune system;
  • Purple: has a positive effect on physical injuries and disorders at the cellular level. Purple Fluorite enhances concentration and helps well with headaches. It is the perfect stone to use while meditating;
  • Blue: has a positive effect on memory and our brain. It helps to see the big picture and make connections. It also improves concentration and information processing. It makes the mind clear and strong. In addition, Blue Fluorite has a positive effect on the eyes, ears, nose and throat;
  • Green: has a positive effect on the Heart Chakra and brings balance between emotions and intellect. It is a good stone for disorders of the skin or lungs and to wear for allergies. Green Fluorite also has a positive effect on the stomach;
  • Yellow: has a strong effect on the liver, bladder and kidneys. It works positively on self-confidence, helps you set boundaries and stand up for yourself. A positive and uplifting stone;
  • Clear: balances all Chakras on one line and gives energy. It is a stone that brings balance between the intellect and the mind. A good stone to enhance the power of other gemstones;
  • Rainbow: this is a stone with many different colors and is therefore applicable to all Chakras. It is a stone that acts strongly on both physical and spiritual planes. It is a good stone that can help you lose weight and to wear during pregnancy.


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Properties of Fluorite


White, purple, blue, green, yellow, clear and rainbow colors


Zodiac Signs

Aquarius and Pisces




China, Afghanistan, Madagascar, United States, England, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Spain

How to take care?

Fluorite can fade under bright sunlight. You can find more information about caring for gemstones in my blog cleaning and charging of gemstones.