At Kristalmeester you'll find more than 200 types of crystals, gemstones, and minerals. Discover the meaning and effects of crystals and gemstones now at Kristalmeester!

K2 Azurite Tumbled Stones
Beautiful K2 Azurite tumbled stones. K2 Azurite is a beautiful combination stone of Azurite and Granite. Has a fine grounding effect and a high vibration that gives you beautiful insights when you turn inward. Strengthens your intuition.Read more
K2 Azurite Tumbled Stones
Thulite EX Tumbled Stones - XL
Beautiful Thulite EX tumblestones, size XL. EX stands for extra quality. Thulite stimulates life force, passion and sexuality and helps make wishes come true. Encourages undertaking and helps to overcome resistance.Read more
Moss Agate EX pendant, drilled - no. 4
Beautiful Moss Agate EX pendant, drilled. EX stands for extra quality. Moss Agate has a fine soft energy with a gentle grounding and calming effect. Strengthens your contact with nature.Read more
Chiastolite / Cross Stone tumbled stones
Beautiful Chiastolite / Crossstone tumbled stones. Is a protective stone that among other things cleanses and strengthens the aura. It is an insightful stone that supports you in making choices when you are at a crossroads in your life.Read more
Fluorite faceted cut - no. 5
Beautiful Fluorite faceted cut. Fluorite has a fine protective and emotionally stabilizing effect and brings out the best in you.Read more

Buying Crystals at Kristalmeester

At Kristalmeester® you will find various crystals, gemstones and minerals. Crystals can have a spiritual meaning and effect. For centuries and many traditions healing properties have been attributed to gemstones and crystals. In this way they can contribute to a good balance in our hectic lives. Each stone has its unique birthplace, properties, vibrations and energy. By experiencing the beauty and energy of the stones, your consciousness can be expanded. This way you can learn to see and accept who you really are. That is the vision of Kristalmeester®. 


What are crystals?

Crystals are formed from minerals and have a unique structure. All gemstones are made up of minerals, but not every mineral is a gemstone or crystal. The difference between gemstones and crystals depends on several elements, such as hardness, complexity of composition and the presence or absence of a crystalline structure. 


Types of crystals and their meaning

There are as many as thousands of different gemstones. Of these, about 3,500 are known by name. One of the most well-known gemstones is Amethyst. Amethyst is a versatile and deeply spiritual stone. This stone can help with complaints such as headaches and insomnia. In addition, Amethyst can also support your spiritual development. Another well-known gemstone is Aquamarine. This beautiful blue-green stone calms the body and mind. The overloaded immune system comes back to rest through Aquamarine and there is balance in the hormonal system. Are you curious which other stones can contribute even more to your well-being? Our gemstone overview can help you further. 


Different functions of crystals

Crystals are very versatile and can be used for many different purposes. Did you know that crystals and gemstones can also be a good addition to wellness? For example, gemstone massage rollers and guasha stones are very popular. An important aspect of enjoying your gemstones longer is cleansing and recharging them. Furthermore, gemstones and zodiac signs are a great combination. Together they give insight into your character traits and how you react on certain situations. 


Buying Crystals?

Whether you are looking for gemstones with a special meaning or like to give gemstone jewelry as a gift, you can easily order your favorite crystals online at Kristalmeester®. You will receive your crystals within two to three days. Crystals, minerals and gemstones are natural products and may occasionally contain color variations or imperfections. It is important to know that gemstones, minerals and crystals can only be used as support and are never a replacement for therapy. Always consult your doctor in case of complaints. 


Zodiac Signs

Gemstones and zodiac signs are a beautiful combination and complement each other nicely because they provide insight into your character traits and how you react to certain situations.

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Gemstones and Chakras are an ancient combination. Gemstones can play an important role in the functioning of the Chakras due to their unique properties, such as clearing energetic blockages.

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