Gemstones and Zodiac Signs

Gemstones and zodiac signs are a great combination and complement each other nicely because they give insight into your character traits and how you react to certain situations.

Zodiac signs and gemstones: discover the match

Zodiac signs, like gemstones, can give insight into your character traits and how you react to certain situations. Each zodiac sign has unique characteristics and traits. Choosing the right gemstone can help bring balance and harmony to your life. Gemstones and zodiac signs are a beautiful combination and resonate strongly with each other. In addition to zodiac signs, gemstones and Chakras are also a great combination to look out for when choosing matching gemstones.

Choosing the right gemstone with your zodiac sign

It may be wise to match the choice of a gemstone to your zodiac sign. Would you like to know exactly which stone matches your zodiac sign? Then it is wise to have a horoscope done by an astrologer. The most important thing when choosing a gemstone is that it feels right for you.

The four elements of gemstones and zodiac signs

Zodiac signs can be divided into four elements: fire, earth, air and water. Each element has certain characteristics that are also reflected in the zodiac signs. Find out which element your zodiac sign falls under.

  • Fire: it includes the people who dare to take risks, in general they are courageous, active and independent. They can transfer their enthusiasm well to others. The zodiac signs belonging to this are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
  • Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn belong under the element of earth. They tend to be practical-minded, conservative and conservative. They are very pragmatic by nature and generally things must be useful. They are persistent and proceed steadily.
  • Air: People who fall under the element of air often keep in touch with other people and have a down-to-earth attitude. They are curious by nature and always looking for new information. This includes the Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.
  • Water: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio belong to the water element. They are somewhat more dependent people who sometimes feel a bit undervalued. They can empathize well with others and often live very intensely.

Which stone belongs to which zodiac sign?

Each zodiac sign has different gemstones to match the different people and character traits.


Gems such as Aquamarine, Rock Crystal and Jasper are ideal for Capricorns because of their properties. Aquamarine promotes clarity, Rock Crystal offers balance and Jasper offers stability. These stones perfectly match the energy and characteristics of Capricorns.


For Aquarius, Agate, Angelite and Onyx are a perfect fit. Agate offers stability, Angelite stimulates clarity and Onyx offers strength. These stones resonate well with the characteristics of Aquarius.


For Pisces, Aventurine, Amethyst and Fluorite are beneficial. Aventurine promotes growth, Amethyst offers tranquility and Fluorite stimulates intuition. These stones complement the sensitive and intuitive nature of Pisces.


For Leo, Larimar, Sunstone and Tiger's Eye are favorable choices. Larimar promotes tranquility, Sunstone radiates positivity and Tiger's Eye stimulates self-confidence, matching the powerful energy of Leo.


Aries will benefit from Carnelian, Hematite and Heliotrope. Carnelian stimulates courage, Hematite offers grounding and heliotrope enhances vitality, befitting the dynamic nature of Aries.


For Libras, Jade, Black Tourmaline and Rose Quartz are appropriate choices. Jade promotes balance, Black Tourmaline offers protection and Rose Quartz stimulates love and harmony, befitting the balanced nature of Libras.


For Gemini, Howlite, Topaz and Celestine are suitable stones. Howlite promotes tranquility, Topaz stimulates clarity and Celestine supports communication, befitting the versatile and communicative nature of Gemini.


For Tauruses, Blue Quartz, Rhyolite and Emerald fit perfectly. Blue Quartz offers tranquility, Rhyolite stimulates growth and Emerald promotes balance, befitting the stable and reliable nature of Tauruses.


Cancerians can benefit from Moonstone, Opalite and Calcite. Moonstone promotes intuition, Opalite stimulates tranquility and Calcite offers emotional stability, befitting the sensitive nature of Cancerians.


Virgo's can benefit from Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli and Beta Quartz. Sodalite promotes clarity, Lapis Lazuli stimulates wisdom and Beta Quartz offers mental focus, befitting the analytical nature of Virgo.


For Scorpions, Yellow Opal, Ruby and Obsidian are among the better choices. Yellow Opal promotes optimism, Ruby offers passion and Obsidian stimulates protection, befitting the powerful and passionate nature of Scorpions.


For Sagittarius, Chalcedony, Labradorite and Blue Sapphire fit well. Chalcedony promotes balance, Labradorite stimulates spiritual growth and Blue Sapphire offers clarity, befitting the adventurous nature of Sagittarius.

Gemstones and zodiac signs at Kristalmeester

At Kristalmeester, you can find the perfect gemstones and crystals to match your zodiac sign. Bring balance, energy and harmony to your life by combining the power of zodiac signs and gemstones. Do you have questions about which gemstone is perfect for you and your zodiac sign? If so, feel free to contact us!