Moss Agate

Moss agate has a fine grounding effect and has a fine gentle energy. Strengthens your contact with nature and has a strong calming effect.

Moss Agate

Meet the Moss Agate gemstone. Although this gemstone is not an Agate but a Chalcedony, it is distinguished by the beautiful inclusions of Dendrites. This unique gemstone offers a fine grounding effect and radiates a gentle energy. Moss Agate anchors you in the present moment, promotes stability and brings a harmonious balance between body and mind. Experience the beauty and healing power of this special gemstone.

Effects and meaning of Moss Agate

Moss Agate reveals its influence on both mental and physical well-being. On a spiritual level, this beautiful stone strengthens our contact with nature and earth, increasing love and respect for our environment. The calming effect of Moss Agate helps bring peace to an overflowing mind, soothing fluctuating moods and increasing self-control.

On a physical level, Moss Agate provides support to our immune system, helping with flu, colds and fevers. In addition, it relieves stress-related symptoms. It stimulates the body's self-healing ability and promotes rapid recovery from long-term illnesses, including arthritis. This gemstone also provides relief from respiratory infections and skin problems such as rashes, while wearing it during pregnancy reduces nausea, stimulates fluid drainage and counteracts melancholy. Experience the versatile and healing properties of Moss Agate.

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Buying Moss Agate at Kristalmeester

Enrich your life with the enchanting energy of Moss Agate. Choose from our versatile selection of gemstone jewelry and rough stones and let your well-being improve. Want to know more or have questions? Feel free to contact us for personal advice. Don't wait any longer and experience the harmony and beauty of Moss Agate in your life. Embrace the power of this unique gemstone!

Properties Moss Agate


Green, translucent with dendrite inclusions


Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra

Zodiac Signs

Taurus, Virgo


6,5 - 7


England, Germany, United States, Hungary

How to take care?

Moss Agate can be cleaned and charged in many different ways. You can find more information about caring for gemstones in my blog cleaning and charging of gemstones