Third Eye Chakra - Sixth Chakra of Ajna Chakra

Meaning: intuition and inner knowing. The sixth chakra is the Third Eye Chakra, also called the Forehead Chakra. This is the center of your intuition; your inner knowing or your extra senses.

Meaning: intuition and inner knowing

The sixth chakra is the Third Eye Chakra, also called the Forehead Chakra. It is connected to the Third Eye, also called your inner eye. This is the center of your intuition; your inner knowing or your extra senses. This chakra is therefore also called our "sixth" sense. This chakra allows us to "see" what our eyes cannot see, through feeling and a deep inner knowing. If your energy flows well in the sixth chakra then you dare to trust your feelings and intuition. The Third Eye Chakra has water as its element and the color indigo/purple.

Where is your Third Eye Chakra located?

Your Third Eye Chakra is located in your forehead, between your eyebrows. Physically, this chakra is directly connected to the pineal gland, which is located in the center of your head (i.e., not in your forehead itself). The pineal gland is an important sensory receiver of information (energy). We have so many more senses than the five we were taught in school. The pineal gland can send and receive information from the cosmos. Your intention plays an important role in what you transmit and what you receive.

What does the Third Eye Chakra stand for?

This chakra represents the center of intuition, your inner eye. With this chakra we can see what our eyes cannot see, it gives us insights. We then see with what we feel and what we know deep inside. This chakra is therefore also called our "sixth" sense. The chakra opens the door to the inner (extra) senses and connects you first with your unconscious self and from there more and more with your Higher Self. You then start living more and more from your own intention and intuition.

Third Eye Chakra in balance

When your Third Eye Chakra is in balance you dare to trust your intuition and you can sense things. You can sense what is going to happen or you sense others. We can suddenly gain insights because of this and understand how we can use these insights and experiences for the steps we are going to take. When this chakra is balanced, you know where you want to go and you have "clear vision" of what you want in life. You can see things well and sometimes even literally in front of you. This helps you to realize your dreams and goals. Because your intuition is open and working, you feel many energies. Yet you manage to stay balanced and feel what is right. You can make choices from your intuition, but also from the wisdom you have accumulated throughout life. All your experiences apply to this chakra. In fact, with the help of your intuition you can see beyond your ego and therefore you can see much more than with your two physical eyes.

Third Eye Chakra out of balance

When this chakra is not yet fully opened, you often have many ideas, but you either fail to execute them or put them off. So creativity does flow. This may have to do with a view of yourself. That you think you are not good enough to execute all those plans or ideas. You can start to over-analyze and view everything more from your ratio than your intuition. So situations seem more clouded, you no longer see clearly.

You find it difficult to focus. The bigger picture sometimes seems very unclear or distant. You may also find yourself more in a kind of dreamland. You have lost sight of what is reality and what is not. Your problems can become much bigger than they actually are and you can no longer see through them. Sometimes you may even find yourself pushing away from all the spiritual things you are normally involved with.

Connected to the physical body

The Third Eye Chakra is physically connected to the eyes and forehead and sinuses. Headaches or forehead sinus infections can result from an imbalance in this chakra. An imbalance can also affect the nose and cerebellum.

Color Third Eye Chakra

Your Third Eye Chakra has the color indigo/purple. This color represents intuitive perception, inner wisdom and higher spiritual awareness.

Corresponding Zodiac Signs

Fitting stones

Each gemstone has its own vibrational frequency. Just as words, feelings, thoughts and emotions (and really everything inside us and outside us) have their own energy and their own vibrational frequency, so do our chakras. The energy of these gemstones resonate with the energy of the Third Eye Chakra, and therefore help you open this chakra, for example by meditating with it and connecting (in your mind) with the energy of the stone.