7 December 2023

Children and gemstones

Children and gemstones are a wonderful combination. Children are pure and often dare to feel without barriers, and this means that children are generally more sensitive to gemstones than adults. This means that you need to pay attention to a number of things.

Roughly speaking, there are two rules of thumb;

  1. Try to avoid dark stones for children. Dark stones such as Onyx, Black Obsidian, Garnet are generally too intense for children.
  2. It is generally advisable to have children wear only one stone at a time.

Which gemstone best suits the child depends largely on the stage of life the child is in. Each stage of life has its specific concerns physically, emotionally and spiritually. In addition, each child is unique with all its beautiful talents and challenges.


Pregnancy is a vulnerable phase in which a new life unfolds. There are several stones that can support you and your child during pregnancy.

  • Moonstone; supports becoming pregnant and regulates and balances the hormone balance. Especially in the first months of pregnancy it is useful to carry it with you.
  • Red Jasper; protects against possible miscarriages and helps the mother and child to become strong and powerful.
  • Agate; works supportively in all growth processes during pregnancy.
  • Dumortierite; stimulates enjoyment during pregnancy. Encourages being able to let go and accept things as they are now.
  • Chrysoprase; helps in the final stage of pregnancy and the delivery itself to go smoothly.


Safety and peace are the two most important needs for a newborn child.

  • Rose Quartz; has a loving, warm and gentle energy that creates a safe, calm and loving atmosphere.
  • Labradorite; when there are tensions in the home for any reason Labradorite can be a fine complementary stone. Labradorite strengthens the aura of the child so that tensions and stimuli come in less harshly.
  • Blue Chalcedony; calms, relaxes and comforts.

Toddlers and preschoolers

Toddlers still live very much from their intuition. When it comes to picking out stones, it is okay to let the children do their thing. You will be amazed at how often they manage to choose exactly the right stones. For specific challenges, the stones below can be used.

  • Nephrite; can support potty training. It is a stone that works strongly on the kidneys.
  • Blue Calcite; is a stone that can support learning to talk. Blue Calcite works on the Throat Chakra.
  • Labradorite; is a fine protective stone and can help for example to process all the stimuli for when the child goes to the nursery for the first time.
  • Carnelian; can help to make the first contact with new friends a little easier. It allows you to express your opinion but also to be understanding towards the other person. It is a fine friendship stone.
  • Tiger eye; some children get overwhelmed by other children and do things they would rather not do. Tiger's eye is a protective stone and helps the child say no when he or she does not want things.

Going to elementary school

Again, this is an exciting new phase with a lot to deal with. The stones below can support the child on different levels.

  • Chrysocolla; balances children's emotions and makes it easier for them to get along with others. It is a stone that reduces stress and helps to cope more easily with new changing situations.
  • Amazonite; helps to determine things for oneself and get on with them. It is also a calming stone, soothes sadness and reduces mood swings.
  • Lapis Lazuli; is a calming and soothing stone. Gives you confidence that you can speak sincerely but in a calm and powerful way. Helps you express feelings.
  • Fluorite; a stone that helps with absorbing information. Learning is not always easy and the mind easily overflows. Fluorite improves concentration and helps you remember things.
  • Opalite; is a synthetic stone and clears the head. Opalite helps you relax and promotes self-confidence so that the child comes into his or her power and can cope more easily with new situations.

In elementary school, themes such as giftedness and ADHD often come up. These children are generally best helped with Labradorite. Labradorite is a wonderfully versatile protective stone that strengthens the aura and ensures that your energy levels are better regulated.


Puberty is all about discovering who you really are. It is a tough and confusing time for many children where many choices must be made and many children experience great social pressure. The most important thing in this phase is protection, safety and trust. Now that children are older, there is a wider choice regarding the stones you can use. Here are some suggestions;

  • Black Tourmaline; many children are almost fused with the cell phone. The radiation from the cell phone can have quite an impact on the child without them realizing it right away. Carrying a small Black Tourmaline with you or attaching it to the back of the phone can give a lot of peace of mind. Black Tourmaline actually protects against electromagnetic radiation.
  • Citrine; is a stone that gives cheerfulness and helps to overcome insecurity. It is a wonderful stone that boosts self-confidence.
  • Blue Chalcedony; ensures that you remain calm for example during exams. It is a stone that helps you remember what you need during exams.

During puberty many children get stuck and not always knowing why. High sensitivity has been in the spotlight in recent years and is a topic I think we should take seriously as many children experience "short-circuiting". Below are some stones that may well help in dealing better with high sensitivity.

  • Labradorite; strengthens the aura so that stimuli and impressions from the environment do not hit the child as hard. It makes you less likely to be drained by other energies around you.
  • Aventurine; has a relaxing and reassuring effect and basically makes all growth easier.
  • Rose quartz; stimulates with soft and warm energy the self-love of the child
  • Aquamarine; a stone that can give deep peace in times when your nervous system is overloaded
  • Red Jasper; a safe stone that gives you more grounding and puts you two feet on the ground.
  • Rock Crystal; a wonderful purifying stone that helps regulate your energy and gives you strength.


The child now stands mostly on its own two feet and separates itself from its parents. An exciting new phase dawns where the child must stand on its own two feet, which sometimes involves trial and error. Being in contact with your child in this phase is essential.

  • Blue Calcite; helps you to speak from your heart and supports you in finding the right words.
  • Chrysocolla; promotes communication and makes tolerant when you take positions.

Of course, the above advice are only tools that may give you a direction in choosing and using the right stone. Important in everything is that you make contact with the stone and learn to feel if it suits you and what it does to you. If you do not know what to do or if you want specific advice, do not hesitate to contact us.


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