17 May 2022

My personal experience with Labradorite

Maybe it's nice to share one of my own experiences with my favorite stone, Labradorite. For me it is one of the most beautiful and versatile stones and Labradorite has meant a lot to me during a time when I was not doing well. 

I had a fantastic job, flew around the world and lived the fast life. Working long days, lots of stress and also trying to be a good husband and father for my four daughters. This rollercoaster lasted a couple of years. It is kind of interesting to see how every time again you move the bar a little bit higher for yourself and without noticing I was paying a price for all the hard work. Slowly on I lost the contact and feeling with myself and my family. Nights and days were slipping through my fingers and slowly on things went downhill for me and my family.

I ignored my chronic headaches and my throbbing armpits were just an annoying side effect. In the meantime I was looking for help and got in touch with therapist. I told her that I was not looking forward to attending a huge upcoming conference in Chicago. I felt that I couldn't cancel the trip but I was not looking forward of having conversations with people from my industry for four very long days. 

Lately I had been feeling sounds, the light and the energy of people coming in very strongly and my head was filling up very quickly. I felt distant from everything and everyone, as if my body and mind locked themselves away out of protection. My therapist gave me a Labradorite stone that I had to carry with me during the four day conference. 

I immediately had a good connection with this beautiful stone. I couldn't quite place it yet, but I really felt better with the Labradorite in my pocket. Soon I was bringing the stone everywhere with me. At the conference in Chicago thousands people came and that was a lot of energy I had to deal with. In spite of the enormous crowds, I felt more solid on my feet, more grounded. I also noticed that I could take a healthy distance from people with whom I spoke and felt considerably less drained during the sometimes intense conversations. 

After a long day of presenting and intensive talks I locked myself up in my hotel room looking for peace and rest. I liked to isolate myself for a while. My Labradorite stayed close to me all that time and on my own in a quite hotel room I could even feel the stone better. I clearly felt the energy swirling in my body and it gave me a nice calming grounding feeling as well. I felt as if the stone was scanning my body and energy and I experienced a wonderful tingling in my belly and at the crown of my head. Noises came in less harshly and the Labradorite gave me a certain degree of peace and security. 

I had the Labradorite close to me during the conference and I am convinced that without it this conference would have gone very differently. Of course such a conference is intense and you are tired at the end of the week but this time I was not drained and exhausted nor had I had any panic attack. Something I was very afraid would happen. By the end of the week, the Labradorite had cracked completely though. It was time to thank and release this amazing stone. I gave it back to the earth but from this conference on I will always have a Labradorite within reach. 

The search continued... 




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