Throat Chakra - Fifth Chakra of Visuddha Chakra

Meaning: to be able to express oneself The Throat Chakra has to do with self-expression and being able to express yourself freely.

Meaning: being able to express yourself

The fifth chakra is the Throat Chakra. This energy center represents communication, making yourself heard. Communication to yourself and with others. From this area we make ourselves and others heard. Everything we feel, see and think has an effect on us. We may express ourselves fully, because anything unspoken can linger.
Most believe that the Throat Chakra is about speaking your truth, but that is not true, that is what the first chakra is related to. Your Throat Chakra, the fifth chakra, is located between the heart and the third eye. The Throat Chakra is about expressing your heart. When you do that, your voice is a healing tool. Also, the Throat Chakra is the voice of intuition, to channel wisdom from your higher self or the guides you are connected to. Most people at some point have experienced saying things that seem to come from a higher understanding or wisdom. When the ego is triggered, we speak from the lower chakras and our past (wounds, conflicts and traumas) vibrate in our words. By learning to speak from your heart, you heal your past.

Speaking the truth from love, speaking from your heart, completely balances this chakra. In everything, ask yourself, "What would love do?" And act accordingly. Speak lovingly to yourself, give yourself loving words. Speak lovingly to and about others before judging them. The Throat Chakra is colored blue and belongs to the element ether.

Where is your Throat Chakra located?

Your Throat Chakra is located in your throat, near your larynx and thyroid. This chakra is associated with self-expression, expressing yourself by using your voice (showing yourself as you are).

What does the Throat Chakra stand for?

This chakra stands for expressing your heart and speaking your words from love. What you say is an expression of your heart and compassion. Your voice is a healing tool. It is about communication, to yourself and to others. Respond to yourself, with everything you feel, see and think. Speak out fully (from love, not fear). And leave nothing unspoken. Indicate what you need, dare to stand up for yourself and take responsibility for your behavior and personal needs.

Throat Chakra in balance

A person where this chakra is properly active is able to express himself in all areas. Not only to others, but also to oneself. We feel what is going on in us and we express it. You speak from wisdom. You can stand up for yourself well and set your boundaries. You can choose to rest well for yourself. You can speak your truth, about what you find important and want in life. You can express your strengths and weaknesses without difficulty. You can see and appreciate the positive aspects of yourself and others. You can listen well to others and you can hear between the lines what is actually being said. We are sympathetic, conscientious and can see the bigger picture.

Throat Chakra out of balance

This chakra becomes unbalanced when you find it difficult to speak your own truth. You have a fear that others will not want to hear you or will judge you negatively, so you become more and more withdrawn. You may keep very quiet and express very little as a result. You find it difficult to express yourself, and are afraid to tell others what is on your mind. You may also be afraid, because the truth may hurt yourself and others. This can cause you to shut down more and more, and you do not trust your inner voice and truth.

It may also be that you actually speak a lot of truth, which makes you appear blunt or heartless. You may also feel that no one hears you. You may talk too much and interrupt others making you appear rational, and then be too much in your head. You may also start talking very busy and fast, making you hard to follow.

Connected to the physical body

If your Throat Chakra is out of balance, you may experience problems with your throat on a physical level, think of laryngitis, coughing, colds or trouble breathing. Problems with the ears, jaws or mouth (vocal cords, teeth, gums) can also come up. The thyroid gland may also flare up.

Color Throat Chakra

Your Throat Chakra has the color blue. Blue represents purity and speaking the honest truth.

Corresponding Zodiac Signs

Fitting stones

Each gemstone has its own vibrational frequency. Just as words, feelings, thoughts and emotions (and actually everything inside and outside us) have their own energy and their own vibrational frequency, so do our chakras. The energy of these gemstones resonate with the energy of the Throat Chakra, and therefore help you to open this chakra, for example by meditating with it and connecting (in your mind) with the energy of the stone.